Hey y'all, I'm Claire! 

I'm a west coast girl, with a southern heart, and a New York state of mind. My every day life consists of fueling up on chai tea lattes, educating our future, and dreaming up ways to help women look and feel their best through all the up's and down's of life. 

At the age of 22, I had officially hit rock bottom; my identity was lost, worth slipped out from under me, and confidence crushed. As I was sitting alone on my couch, living my nightmare, I thought of all the other women in similar situations. Little did I know that single thought would turn into a blog, open doors of opportunity, and inspire women across the globe. Today, I am living my dream life and showing you how if I can turn mine around, you can too. 

In my down time, you can find me ordering takeout, scouring Pinterest for all the pretty things, and soaking in all the snuggles from my sweet pup. (introvert, anyone?!) From the comfort of my couch, I want to be the voice inside your head that says, "you are enough, you are worthy, and so very capable." If you can learn one thing from my trials and triumphs, I call that a win. 

Dying to know more? Here are 5 things you may not know about me...

  1. I've had over 20 surgeries in my life, including open heart surgery in first grade.

  2. I graduated from Arizona State University with my bachelors degree in education.

  3. I have watched every episode of Gossip Girl four times... (and still going strong).

  4. I strongly believe I was put on this earth to inspire children and other women.

  5. I cannot go a day without drinking chai tea.

Still here?! Let's connect... for all collaborations and advertising inquiries, please contact me at girltalkandglamour@gmail.com 

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