Teach Me

As many of you know, I am a 3rd grade teacher to the sweetest group of 8 year olds there ever was. They brighten my every day and are always keeping me on my toes. I spend more time with them than without them and am constantly consumed with having their best interest at heart. As I have grown in this career, one of the most important things I have discovered is that I am way more than just a teacher. I am a friend, mentor, doctor, cheerleader, therapist, and teacher all within an 8 hour day. From being a woman in her twenties and in my second year of teaching I have learned more about myself than ever. Sometimes, I think I am the teacher; I am responsible for 30 little lives. This is all me. Shit! I cannot make mistakes, I have be set a good example, I need to give them the best that they deserve. And within all those thoughts, I lose myself. I forget that I am human. And I am flawed. Even with being a teacher, I need God to teach me....

Teach me how to....

  • be a better teacher
  • inspire other women
  • accept that I have flaws
  • realize that I will never be prefect and that is okay
  • live my life for me and no one else
  • embrace my imperfections
  • allude confidence 
  • look at the positive
  • be more independent 
  • trust you and your plan for me
  • control my anxiety
  • realize that life doesn't always go according to my plan
  • raise awareness for sexual assault 
  • accomplish my dreams
  • always be nicer than necessary
  • to save more money
  • be proud of my past
  • not be afraid of the future but excited for what is to come
  • control my sassy attitude
  • stop overthinking
  • be more patient