How To Stay Organized

*Reminders buzzing on your phone during meetings. Lists crumpled in the bottom of your purse. Notes jotted down on the back of an old bill. Sticky notes on your desk. Clothes on the floor (are they dirty or clean?) Dishwasher full of (dirty) dishes. Guess i'll just eat out of the pizza box tonight.*

Any of that sound familiar?! 

Yeah, girl I feel ya... It's time to get organized and buy back some much needed valuable time. I have tried a million and one ways to get my shit together, for lack of better terms. And after about a month, I would forget about it. (UGH) I spent way to much money on overpriced planners, colorful pens, cute notepads, useless storage units...the list goes on. In the end I would ditch them all.

Finallyyyy, I have come up with a system that keeps me organized and my life on track. Here are my tips:

  • Use a planner: I am such a visual person that I need to see what my day (let alone my week) laid out in front of me. I only write appointments, big events, errands to run, or upcoming meetings in my planner. This way, I know what is coming and what I have to plan for in advance. 
  • Use the list feature in your phone: I make lists for things in my phone only for things I need. For example, if I write in my planner "go to Target" I would write out all the things I need at Target in my phone. That way I don't need to bring my planner everywhere I go. Once I get the errand done, I delete that list. This will also eliminate all the sticky notes and loose papers floating around! YES! 
  • Clean up/Pick up: Pick whenever works for you, morning or night, to set a timer and just tidy up. I do it for about 15 minutes and that gives me enough time to pick up the dirty clothes and put them in the hamper, do the dishes from dinner, wipe down the counter, and put my jewelry I wore that day away. It's quick and prevents huge messes from piling up. 
  • Designiate a day to GYSD: Pick a day (any day) once a week to get your shit done, as I like to call it (mine is Sunday). Believe it or not, it's my favorite day of the week because I feel so refreshed after. On this day, go grocery shopping, get any meals prepped for the week, clean your house, do laundry, wash your sheets, fill out your planner for the week, make any phone calls, and of course, pamper yourself. 
  • Make your bed: EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Trust me, just do it. Once I started this habit, I could never go back. Making your bed in the morning, prevents you from getting back in it and makes you more productive. If you're anything like me, I can't function in a mess. It's a great way to start your day and will set you up for success. 

How do you stay organized? Comment below so I can try out some of your tips as well!


Image found via Pinterest