Best Candles of the Season

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 6.16.24 PM.png

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with candles?! I have rounded up some of my all time favs that you NEED in your life. Hope you enjoy...

  • Better Not Pout: Better known as Spiced Gingerbread (AKA MY FAV!) If you want your house to smell like a bakery, this one is for you. It's all kinds of christmas goodness and will make your mouth water.
  • Flannel: This scent is a little more manly but in all the best ways. Grab a blanket, put on a Christmas movie, and relax girl. You deserve it! 
  • Vanilla Bean Noel: Probably the most classic Christmas scent out of all of them. A warm, vanilla scent will ingulf your home in wintery goodness. 
  • Hot Cocoa and Cream: Another one you'll most likely want to eat. Why not treat yourself to a cup of hot cocoa, burn your candle and cuddle up with a blanket? Sounds like a perfect winter night to me.
  • Campfire Donut: Another one that will be sure to fill your home with yummy goodness.
  • Marshmallow Fireside: Who needs to brave the cold, when you can bring the campfire inside?! 
  • Winter: A clean, wintery scent sure you make you want to get cozy. This is for those of you who can't do the sweet scents. It is much lighter with that snowy day smell. Definitely one of my fav's! 

Comment down below some of your favorite candles; I'd love to try some new ones. Happy Christmas, loves!