2018! New Year, New You Tips

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12 new chapter, 365 new chances! 

  • Focus on who you have become: Anyone relate to those family gatherings where your relatives are constantly asking you "what are you doing now? Dating anyone?" the list goes on. It can be so easy to beat yourself up if you're not in your dream job or have met the love of your life. I let myself get deep into a pity party and have to climb my way back out...ugh! Yes, accomplishing goals and achieving milestones are a great success, but instead, try to focus on who you have become. Focus on the type of person you are, how hard you've worked to become her, and what you can offer to the world. You are amazing, and always evolving. Take some pressure off and be proud of who you are here and now. 
  • Live in the moment: Something I am going to focus on this year and would highly recommend is to set your phone aside and be present with the ones you love. Life is short, and we don't get a moment back once it's gone. Create more memories you can keep in your heart instead of in your phone. You will find that your mind will be clearer, heart fuller, and soul rejuvenated. 
  • Be picky about who you give your attention to: Girl, you're picky about what clothes you put on your body, how you do your makeup, what food you eat...so you have every right to be picky about who deserves your attention. If you have a friend who is constantly bringing you down, let them go. If you're in a negative relationship, breakup. If you're in a job that doesn't bring you happiness, find another one. Getting rid of the negative creates more room for the positive. 
  • Do more of what you love: This year, make it about YOU. Find whatever it is that set's your soul on fire and do more of that. There's nothing more beautiful that a girl doing something she loves. 
  • Say "yes" to new adventures: Be open to new opportunities, whether it be a new position in your job, picking up a new hobby, taking a class, or traveling somewhere new. Jump in, girlfriend, and enjoy the ride. Rumor has it, this is when the real living happens. You never know the people you may meet, opportunities you'll have, or new passions you'll discover. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my passions with you in the year of 2017. I am truly so blessed to be involved in a community where women come together to support one another. I wish you all the best in 2018 and can't wait to see what this year brings us! Cheers babes!