Christmas Wishlist 2017

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Merry Christmas, darlings! 

Let me start off by saying it was quite difficult to come up with a Christmas list this year. As I get older, I seem want less "thing" and more practical stuff. A year of car washes would be nice. Gas gift cards are never declined. Unlimited pizza for a year. (haha) Anyone with me?! 

There were a few things though that I have had my eye on, that I haven't made the splurge on. Some are bigger, more costly, items and some are fun stocking stuffers. 

  • Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palett: S/O to Jaclyn for creating the most stunningly beautiful eyeshadow palette I've ever laid eyes on. If you don't know who she is, what are you waiting for? Not like I need another warm toned palette, but I just can't resist with this one. 
  • Monogram necklace: I have wanted one of these for forever. I love the extra large size to make it more of a statement and how versatile it is. 
  • Foreo Luna: I used to have the Clairsonic, but have been wanting to try something new, and with less macitence. I got this for my mom for her birthday and she LOVES it. You don't have to clean it or buy any replacements so sign me up! 
  • Fuzzy mules: Are these not just the cutest shoes ever?! You could wear them around the house with your cozies or out to run a quick errand. 
  • Girl Boss mug: Because who doesn't like to drink coffee out of a cute mug?! DUH 
  • Pink Hunter boots: Okay, y'all! I have these in black and red and wear them out every winter. I love the red for the holiday and black...well because I need everything in black! But, I've decided I need the pink ones in my life. How cute would they be with a little jean dress in the spring?! 
  • T3 hairdryer: I have always wanted a nicer hairdryer that was better for my hair than my $20.00 Walmart one that fries my hair. 
  • Nordstrom gift card: I know gift cards can be a hit or miss because some people think they're not very personal. Not me. I love them. I get to go shopping and pick out whatever. I. want. Score! 

What's on your Christmas wish list? Comment below, I'd love to hear what you guys are wanting this year! 

My girl, Lindsay is sharing what's on her Wishlist this year and let me tell ya, there's some good stuff! Head over to to check it out.