Best of 2017


Got a puppy: Okay, do I even need to explain why this was the best thing that happened to me in 2017?! Y’all know how obsessed I am with Autumn, but that little 7 pound fluff ball brings more joy and happiness into my life that I ever could've imagined. Living alone, it is really nice to come home to someone who is excited to see you after a long day at work…any other single ladies out there feel me?! But really, I love being able to focus my attention on something else (besides work or myself). And mental health bonus: having a dog reduces stress levels! 

Moved into a new apartment: I am someone who welcomes change with open arms. I love to change up my look, my home decor, ect. I am always looking for a way to change something up.    This year, I had decided I needed a new space, with a fresh start. I left all my bad memories behind, packed up my life and moved all of 2,000 ft. to a new unit in my apartment complex (HA)! But hey, it was exactly what the doctor had ordered; A new place to feel inspired and make my own again. I couldn't be happier. 

Parents moved to Dallas, Texas: There was a lot of moving in the family this year… but I must say I have loved and embraced every second of it. I have throughly enjoyed visiting my parents throughout the last year in a new city and exploring new sights; I love the southern charm and character Dallas brings. My mom and I have had SO much fun decorating the new house and making it feel like home. Cheers to new memories in a new place! 

Expanded GTG: Focusing more on my blog has brought me opportunities, friendships, and connections I never thought possible. It has made me feel fulfilled in more ways than one. I love how this community brings women together and delivers inspiration in all aspects of life. I can’t wait to see where 2018 takes me on this thrilling ride.

Image found via Pinterest