Ways to Practice Self Care

Well hello friends...

It's been a while but while I was gone I was doing exactly what this post is all about...self care. Life had gotten crazy to say the least, with one curveball after another and I decided to step back from social media and take care of me. And let me tell you it was ah-may-zing! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite ways to practice self care with all of you. In my opinion, it is so vital to us women and really helps keep us centered and on the right track. I've learned first hand that if you are not functioning well, nothing in your life will function well. These can be used if you're having a rough day or built in to your daily routine. Hope you enjoy..

  • Light a Candle- I do this every day when I get home from work and every day on the weekends. Scent is the number one thing to evoke memory so find one you like and trust me, it will totally transform your mood.
  • Wear Comfy Clothes- Now the definition of comfy clothes might be different for everyone. For some it may be a dress and sandals, for others jeans and a t-shirt. For me, it's leggings, baggy sweaters and boots or tennis shoes. I feel the most confident when I am comfortable and therefore, I am happier.
  • Pamper Yourself- There is nothing more relaxing than creating an at-home spa experience. However you want to do this is up to you. I like to light some candles, do a face mask, take a bubble bath, exfoliate my skin, the whole 9 yards. And boy, do I feel like a brand new woman.
  • Buy Yourself Flowers- simple yet effective.
  • Clean- As weird as this may sound as adult life has set in, I get so much satisfaction from cleaning. Just straightening up my apartment and wiping down the counters makes me feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 
  • Affirmations- This one might be weird too but it's highly effective. Every morning when I wake up I stand in front of the mirror and give myself 3 affirmations. Mine are "you are worthy, you are enough, you are killing it at life." Yours can be anything you want but it starts my day off in the best way. 
  • Good Things- This is something that I learned in a training I went to for my school called Capturing Kids Hearts. Funny enough, not only could I apply this to my classroom but to my personal life. Every morning with my class I take about five minutes to have them share something good that happened to them (something small). It trains your mind to focus on the good. I also do this every night before I go to bed by journaling three good things that happened that day. Some examples are: there was a beautiful sunrise while I drove into work this morning. I went to Starbucks and got my favorite drink today. I ate dinner and didn't spill on myself.
  • Read a Self Help Book- When I read, I like to get something out of it. Reading a book that I can apply to my life is so much more beneficial to me personally. I get so much inspiration and motivation from them. I keep the one I am currently reading on my night stand and try to read a chapter every night. I can do a whole separate post on my favorite self help books if you'd like.
  • Spend Time Alone- This one is huge for me. I need to have one day a week where I spend it completely alone. This day is usually Sunday for me. It my day to prepare for the week ahead, get my apartment in order, do laundry, get groceries and have some quality me time. Spending time alone is how I recharge my batteries and feel more centered. Now that I have worked this into my weekly routine, I have realized how much more I have learned about myself and live my life for me. 

I hope you got some inspiration from this! Leave me some of your favorite ways to practice self care in the comments below.