Sunday Routine

Happy Sunday! 

Sunday is my favorite day of the week... it's a fresh start and a day of peace. I like to call Sunday my GYSD (get your shit done) day. It is a day of both relaxation and productivity in my mind. I like to wake up with no alarm, sip my chai tea slowly, and let myself relax. The other half of the day is spent, pampering, running errands and preparing for the upcoming week. I notice that when I do both of these things, I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. Take my list and tailor it to you...your needs, passions, and make it something that works for you. Enjoy! 

  • Sleep in
  • Make coffee and a good breakfast
  • Laundry
  • Watch TV or read a book
  • Clean (dust, vacuum) 
  • Take trash out
  • Grocery shop
  • Get lunches ready for the week
  • Take a long hot shower/bath
  • Pamper yourself (face masks, nails, hair mask...ect.)
  • Tweeze eyebrows
  • Remove facial hair (girl probs...) I'm not the only one right?! 
  • Wash makeup brushes
  • Write in planner for upcoming week
  • Afternoon nap
  • Errands (Target...duh)
  • Light candles
  • Make dinner
  • Do dishes
  • Get to bed early