14 Lessons I've Learned from being a Victim of Sexual Assault

  • Change is ALWAYS possible

  • What you wear, what you say, and how you act never makes it okay for someone to disrespect you

  • You attract what you believe; you must believe in yourself

  • It’s okay and necessary to set boundaries

  • Share your story; even if it scares you

  • Feel the emotions running through your veins; don’t try to hide them

  • Self love is critical to happiness

  • It is absolutely okay to say “no”- you don’t owe anyone anything

  • Never judge anyone; you don’t always know the full truth

  • Love your friends and family endlessly; you need them

  • When you get to the point where you can, forgive; not for them, but for you

  • Do not depend on anyone for your happiness; it comes from you

  • It’s okay to ask for help; some things you can’t do alone

  • You will find someone who loves, cherishes, and worships you just the way you are

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