Winter Makeup Routine

You can find almost everything I use HERE!

Throw your hair in a messy bun, put on some red lipstick, and take on the day!

I just love makeup! I love the way you can transform your face, how it makes you feel like a feminine princess or like a total badass bitch. It has the power to totally change your mood and make you feel like a new woman. During the winter, I like more of a full coverage routine. Especially when we get into the cooler months and around the holidays, I like to have some fun with it.

I have been using this Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette since the day I got it and it has turned into my favorite EVER! I use it for more natural looks, for party looks, and it’s the one I bring with me when I travel. For my dry, acne prone skin, this one from Cover Fx is ah-may-zing! It’s super full coverage, so a little goes a long way, while still being hydrating. I just adore the natural finish it gives. Mixed with the iconic Tarte Shape Tape, the two are unstoppable. The best part… mascara! I have talked about this duo before, but these two mascaras are everything. I use the Benefit one first for length and the Too Faced one second for volume. I get compliments on the daily and I know you will too ;)

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of my every day makeup in the winter! Let me know down below… are you a full coverage or natural kinda girl?