Spring Bucket List

Shop my outfit: Sweater Dress, Pink Hunter Boots

  • Have a picnic in the park: I have this vision in my head that involves a white and red checked blanket, a Dominos pizza an ice cold root beer and Autumn chewing on a toy. Before the Arizona heat really sets in, I think it would be so fun to enjoy some fresh air and cute company on a Saturday afternoon.
  • Spring Training game: Arizona is home to spring training and it's always a huge ordeal. I am due for one last Cub's game before I move. 
  • Go peach picking: Not too far from my house, there is this amazing place called Schempf Farms. They go all out for every season. In the fall, it's everything a basic white girl like myself could dream of. During the holidays, it's Christmas galore and all things festive. However, during the spring, all their peach trees are in bloom and they set up this whole peach festival. You can also buy homemade peach pie... YES PLEASE! 
  • Dog park: The only problem is that Autumn sits on my lap the entire time and avoids other dogs at all costs. We need to work on that! ;) 

What is on your Spring bucket list? Tell me below.