Come With Me to the Salon: Dark Chocolate Balayage

All the deets: Stephanie's Instagram, Dolce Salon and Spa

  • All about the color: Let's just start by saying I spent hours upon hours digging through pinterest to find the perfect inspiration picture. Yes, this is my life. I know you do it too ;) So, if you are looking for the same color I have, my best advice would be to show your stylist a picture. I also explained to Steph that I wanted a dark, rich, chocolate color with auburn balayage. 
  • All about the cut: We basically just cleaned up the ends and added in some layers to give the curls some more dimension and depth. Nothing too short, but longer layers all around. 
  • Where do I go?: I go to DOLCE Salon & Spa here in Scottsdale, Arizona. My best friend recommended her hairstylist, Stephanie, to me a few years back, and have been going to her ever since. She is literally an artist. I trust her with my life and would highly recommend her if you are from the Phoenix area.
  • How often do I wash my hair?: I only wash my hair twice a week. Back in high school, I would wash it every day and quickly learned how bad that is for your hair. In college, I trained my hair to be able to last longer in between washes. Trust me, it was a process. At first my hair would get so greasy and I would get so discouraged. I would recommend doing it little by little; start with every other day, then gradually work your way up. Pro Tip: dry shampoo is your best friend! 
  • Favorite hair products: For shampoo and conditioner I use Wella, Kerastase, or Orbie. They are all great for color treated hair. For after the shower, I keep it pretty simple. I use this heat protectant from Orbie and this moisturizing cream from Orbie as well. About once a month, I'll coat my hair with coconut oil and let it sit while I clean, do laundry...(you know adult things) then wash it out. It is the BEST, most inexpensive hair mask!