Must-Haves for the Dog Mom

dog mom must haves.png
  • Food and Water Bowls: Because, duh! 
  • Bow Collar: Or bow tie for a boy ;)
  • Harness and Leash: The cuter, the better... #amiright? 
  • Adidog Sweatshirt: For those cold nights and because it's cool to match mom! 
  • Dog Tag: I laughed so hard when I saw this. On the back of Autumn's I put, "keep calm and call my mom." Pinterest has so many cute ideas.
  • Blanket: To help your fur baby stay extra cozy
  • Dog Mom Mug: If you're an obsessive dog mom like muah, then you gotta have one of these.
  • Seat Belt: Now that Autumn is older, I don't have to keep her in a travel crate anymore. This handy-dandy thing clips right into the seatbelt and keeps your pup contained in the back.
  • Kong: This one is definitely puppy approved. I stuff about 4 treats inside and Autumn has a hay day trying to get them out.
  • Dog Mom Shirt: #represent 
  • Doggie Lawn Grass: Perfect if you live in an apartment or don't have a backyard.
  • Brush: This brush is the BEST... Autumn is the fluffiest fur ball I ever did see when I use this one.