Glytone: Acne Solutions Review


Get the Acne Treatment Kit, Watch Alex Garza's Channel

If you know me, you know I have been in an ongoing fight with my acne pretty much since high school. Once I got to college, I got it mostly under control but still deal with the occasional breakout. I did a whole post on my skin care routine here. But, I was still on the hunt for something stronger. Being the perfectionist I am, I want clear skin all. the. time. I have to tell myself to be realistic because I am a woman, with hormones, and high stress levels and having zero acne 100% of the time is never going to happen. Therefore, I try to do my absolute best to control it at all times. 

About a month ago, I was watching one of my favorite YouTuber's Alex Garza, and she was talking about how this acne line from Glytone totally changed her skin. Since I genuinely trust her opinion, I jumped on the website and placed my order without thinking twice. Another new skincare product? Yes please. Something strong to clear up my acne? Yes please. 

In the words of Alex Garza, "It literally dries up your blemishes over night!" and let me tell ya, the girl was right. After the first night of using the set, the three spots I had were visibly smaller and smoother the next morning. Say what?! From that point on, I was hooked. Now don't get me wrong, we might still experience some acne but this magic potion does one hell of a good job of controlling it. FYI: I mix in the other products I mentioned in my last skin care post. I still use all the masks and lotions, while switching out the face wash and adding in a few extra steps. 

  1. Acne Clearing Cleanser
  2. Acne Clearing Toner
  3. Acne 3P Treatment Gel
  4. Acne Treatment Lotion