Morning Routine

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I once read the book called "Resisting Happiness" by Mathew Kelly and he stated, "if you hit snooze when you're alarm goes off, you have already failed at the first task of the day." Whew, was that ever a wakeup call. 

Establishing a morning routine (and sticking to it), makes a tremendous difference in terms of starting your day off on the right foot. I have noticed my mood be better, my energy level is up, I am more productive throughout the day, and my stress levels are significantly lower. I mean... can't beat that! 

Now let's get into the good to create your own routine. *Side note: everyone's lives are different so everyone's routine is going to look a little different. 

  • Plan the night before: Betcha didn't realize your morning routine actually starts the night before? This part is critical to help make your mornings run smoothly. Anything you can prepare or clean up the night before, do it. Examples: Clean up the kitchen, put away the dishes and wipe down the counters; you'll be amazed how good it feels to wake up to a clean kitchen. Pack your lunch, set out your coffee cup, pick out your outfit for the next day, and pack your work bag. Have everything in its place so all you have to do is grab it and go.
  • Establish what you need to get done and plan enough time for it: While you're in the process of planning out your morning routine, think about the things you NEED to get done. If you always work out before work, plan enough time for that. If you take the dog for a walk, or meditate every morning, plan it into your schedule so you don't have any excuses. 
  • Have a set bed time: This might sound silly for us adults, but trust me it makes a world of difference. Set a bed time that accommodates you and your schedule, stick to it, and get up at the same time every morning. This will create habit for your body; you will wake up feeling rested, and therefore feel less tired throughout the day. 
  • Get up when your alarm goes off: If this is just too hard for you, put your phone on your dresser or somewhere that requires you to actually get out of bed to turn it off. 
  • Have some quiet time: Whether it's meditating, reading, journaling, or simply drinking coffee alone, dedicate a few minutes of peace. It really helps clear your head, keep you grounded, and eases your body into waking up.
  • Get ready: Even if you're a stay at home mom or just work from home, get ready every single day. Put on a cute outfit that makes you feel good (no lounge wear), do your makeup, and brush your hair. I promise, you will feel SO much better about yourself, and you will be more productive.
  • Make your bed: No excuses to get back in it! 
  • Affirmations: This might sound so silly, but it really works. A little while ago, I started saying kind things to myself out loud in the mirror. The point is to actually say them out loud, not just think them, and look at yourself while doing it. Pick 3 things to repeatedly say every day, and even if you don't believe them now, you will in no time. 

My Morning Routine: 

  • 5:30 Wake Up
    • Let Autumn Out
    • Turn on Coffee Maker
    • Get's Autumns Food Prepared
  • 5:35 Drink Chai Tea and Have Quiet Time
  • 5:45 Prepare and Eat Breakfast
  • 6:00 Skincare and Makeup Routine
    • Brush Teeth
    • Take Medicine 
    • Put on Perfume 
    • Fix Up Hair
  • 6:30 Get Dressed
  • 6:35 Let Autumn Out and Put Her To Bed
    • Make my Bed
  • 6:40 Affirmations in the Mirror
    • I am worthy
    • I am enough
    • I am loved
  • 6:45 Head out the Door
    • Grab Lunch and Purse 
    • Turn Off Lights
    • Close Curtains