Target Try-On Haul

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Let's just start by pointing out the obvious, shall we... Target has really stepped up their clothing game. I mean, it's all just so. dang. good. From their graphic tee's and gingham tops, to their simple basics and spring jacket's, I want it all.

I had so much fun trying out these fun pieces and hope it gives y'all some spring inspiration. All the items fit TTS and were so flattering. I literally couldn't believe it, but I was having one of those days where you just L-O-V-E everything you try on! Thank goodness for days like that, right ladies?! Another thing I love about Target is that they have so many good dupes at such an affordable price. I just saw my Steve Madden slip on's for $30.00 and they looked identical. Say what?! 

If you discover any good finds, please please please tag me! Clothing, accessories, home decor, office supplies, I love it all. Target addicts unite! ;) Also, comment your favorite item from the try-on below; I'd love to hear your opinion.