Bentonville, Arkansas Travel Guide

Hi friends! I just took a summer vacay with my family (and pups) to Bentonville, Arkansas and I just had to share it with you. Growing up in California, most of my vacations were beach related or our annual trip to Illinois to see family. The beach was pretty much all I knew as a kid, but it has never really been my thing. Soo...when my parents and I all ended up in the south, it was a dream come true; I just couldn't wait to explore more of it. First stop: Arkansas! 

Let me just say, this town is ADORABLE. I mean, I felt like I was in a story book the entire time. The charm, the character... (insert heart eyed emoji). It was so much fun to see where Walmart first started and how much it has done for that little town. My dad is huge into mountain biking and some of the Walton brothers are creating trails right in the city. They're not all done yet, but the ones that were, my dad did and LOVED. You can really tell the people really enjoy that lifestyle.


  • Elysian Boutique:  THE CUTEST boutique I have ever been into. And bonus: it's so affordable. 
  • Blue Moon: They have really cute and different stuff. You just might find some unique treasures in here.
  • Remedy Road: I would say, this one was the most expensive. They have fun stuff, but definitely more of a splurge.
  • Walton's 5 and Dime: This is the original 5 and dime store started from the Walton Family and where Walmart all began. It was so fun to look at all the trinkets and Walmart souvenirs. 


  • Table Mesa: If you're in the mood for mouth watering Mexican food. 
  • Tusk and Trotter: This place has got to be on the top of my list. It had some of the BEST southern food I have ever experienced. They also change their menu out depending on the season, so you always get something new and fresh. 
  • The Pressroom: Great for breakfast or lunch. Their avocado toast is to die for. 
  • Onyx: The perfect little coffee shop. 
  • Spark Cafe Soda Fountain: If you want a sweet treat and Insta worthy pictures, look no further. 

Thank you to my sweet friend, Sara, at @latteandliterature, for the amazing recommendations. Let me know your favorite spot in the South; I can't wait to explore more!