Mascara Routine + How To Get Long, Thick Lashes

Hi y'all!! I am SO excited about this post and to share some tips-n-tricks with ya. A question I have gotten asked ever since I could remember (seriously, in elementary school) is 'are my eyelashes real?' YES! They are 100% au natural...I have never been into falsies, nor have I never had lash extensions.

First of all, I have to say that some of it is definitely genetics. We all have different genes and therefore, everyone's lashes are going to look different. Buuuut, I have discovered some products and techniques that have changed the game. It's your lucky day, because I am here to share them with YOU! 

  • Mix and Match Mascaras: Every mascara is made for something different, so I like to combine to get my desired look. I use Roller Lash by Benefit first to give them more length and Better Than Sex by Too Faced for volume. 
  • Layer, Set, Repeat: When coating your lashes, start from the bottom and wiggle your way up (kind of like teasing your hair) to ensure you get every lash. Once you have coated them with your first layer of the first mascara, let it set for about 30 seconds so it get's nice and tacky. Repeat with the second mascara. Make sure to also coat the tips and back side of your lashes for extra fullness. 
  • Magnifying Mirror: Alright y'all, my secret weapon revealed... use a magnifying mirror of at least 5x (10x is even better). Get up real nice and close so you are pretty much zoomed in only to your eye. This ensures that you are getting every. single. lash. and allows you to be more precise with your application. Your lash game will be better than you could ever imagine. 

What is your go-to mascara? Do you have any tips? I'd love to hear your feedback!