Summer Plans + Outfit

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  • Decorate the new apartment: Now that I am all moved in, I can't wait to put the finishing touches on my new home in San Antonio. There are a few pieces I am still on the hunt for, but when it's done a fully decorated apartment tour will be coming your way! 
  • Six Flags: Guys, I live less than 5 minutes to Six awesome is that?! Funny story: The one and only time I have been to a Six Flags was about 12 years ago in Illinois with my mom, cousin, and aunt. My aunt had a really old car and rolled down the passenger window to pay the toll road and we couldn't get it back up. We sat in the parking lot trying to get it up for a good hour before going into the park. Once we finally get in, we are in line for our first ride when the tornado sirens start going off and they announce that the park is closing. We make a run for our car, which was in the furthest parking lot, of course. After what felt like 10 years, we finally made it to our car, drenched and terrified, to find it flooded from the window that we couldn't get up. Finally, we get in the car to be welcomed by the most horrid smell I have ever smelt. My cousin, Kendra, looks in the back seat to see a tub of spoiled, moldy butter left over from her brother's graduation party a week prior. Ewwww!! Looking back, I just have to laugh. It seriously makes for the best story and one of the best memories. Needless to say, I need a re-do of my Six Flags experience. 
  • Bentonville, Arkansas: My parents and I haven't been on a family vacation, just the three of us, since I was in high school. We usually go to Illinois every summer to visit the rest of our family, but this year we decided to switch it up. We are taking the pups and renting a cabin for a week in Arkansas. I have never been before and I am so excited to explore more of the south. 

What are your summer plans? Let me know down below if you have any fun adventures planned!