15 Questions for Self Reflection + Get to Know Yourself

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Between work, families, relationships, and our social lives us women have a lot going on. Am I right?! I can't stress enough how important it is to take care of yourself. I know because I spent 23 years of my life trying to fit in and comparing myself to photoshopped women in magazines. But how can you take care of yourself if you don't even know who you are. Yeah, you might know your favorite color or your favorite food, but do you REALLY know yourself? Some of you might say yes, and that is great; but others, might be like 23 year old me. I was too busy doing what other people wanted me to do, that I was left empty handed and no clue what made me, me. What a feeling, let me tell you...

When I ventured out on this journey of self love, my counselor helped me create a list of questions that I was to answer honestly in a journal. This was the first step in digging deep into my soul and becoming my own strong, independent woman. Here's where I started...

  1. What are my goals? Longterm? Short term?
  2. What makes me happy/when am I the happiest?
  3. What stresses me out/causes anxiety?
  4. What helps me when I feel stressed out or overwhelmed?
  5. What are my fears? Big and small?
  6. How do I like to spend my free time?
  7. Who and what inspires me?
  8. What are three traits I love about myself? Physical? Emotional?
  9. What traits attract me to others?
  10. If money didn't exist, what would I do?
  11. What are my passions?
  12. How do I relax and unwind?
  13. What is my ideal day? Who do I spend it with? What do I do?
  14. What motivates me?
  15. What are three areas I want to grow in?

Photos by Jonathan Ivy Photography