Weekday Morning Routine

Hit snooze no more... This post is meant to bring you some Monday morning motivation and get you in that girl boss mindset. Weather you are a working gal, stay at home mom, or trying to make it through those 8 am classes, I've gotcha covered. 

Step one: Don't hit snooze! Don't do it. Once your alarm goes off, get in the mindset of taking on the day. It will make you feel that much more productive. 

Step two: Get up with enough time to enjoy your mornings! In other words, don't sleep as long as possible to where you're rushing out the door on an empty stomach and morning breath. I like to set my alarm for about 30 earlier than the amount of time I need. I like to use this time to sit down and enjoy my chai tea, spend some time with Autumn, and let my body wake up. This helps get my mind clear and ready for the day.

Step three: Get yourself ready! Spend some extra time on yourself to do your makeup, hair, and put on a nice outfit. It does not have to be full glam and a pencil skirt, but whatever fits your day; just get out of the lounge wear and put yourself together and I promise you'll feel like a new woman. This one can be hard for stay at home mom's or people who work from home, but it is actually proven that people are happier and more productive when they get dressed and ready. Even if it's only for you... you deserve it, girl! 

Step four: Grab your things-n-go! The best tip I can give for this one is to do as much as you can the night before. For example, cook and pack your lunch. Have it in your lunch box ready to go in the fridge, so all you have to do that morning is grab it. Set up your coffee maker. Seriously, put the coffee (or pod) in the machine, fill it with water, set out your mug...so that morning, just push start. Lay out your clothes. This will save SO. MUCH. TIME. and I mean set out everything, all the way down to your underwear and socks. Wake up to a clean kitchen. Trust me, it's such a good feeling. 

Bonus tip: Have a designated work bag! During the week, I use this Tory Burch bag that I got way back when I was student teaching. It has been my ride-or-die every year and never does me wrong. I like that it's sturdy, goes with everything, and can carry all my shit. It makes life easier when I don't have to be constantly changing purses for work and I know everything teaching related is in that bag. For the times when I'm going out with co-workers after work and don't want to bring that big bag, I keep a small purse like this one in my desk drawer ;)