How To Get Back to School Ready

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It's that time of year...summer is nearing the end and the school year is upon us. For kids, parents, and teachers alike, there is always so much to do before the first day. After many years as a student, and some years of teaching under my belt, I have acquired some tips-n-tricks to help me get back to school ready. 

  • Start getting yourself (and kids) into a routine early: In other words, don't wait for the first day of school get up at 6:00 am when you've been sleeping in to 10:00 all summer. Give your body some time to adjust and get used to the new schedule. I'd say about a week is a sufficient amount of time. 
  • Write all the important dates down: Whether you're a teacher or mom, look at the school calendar and write down all the important dates (holidays, breaks, testing, etc). This will make your life so much easier when it comes to scheduling appointments and planning vacations. 
  • Buff up your wardrobe: Again, no matter if you're an adult or kid, it's always fun to do some back to school shopping. Get yourself some cute new pieces and you'll be ready to slay the school day.
  • Pack your bags the night before: The more you can do the night before, the better. Get your backpack or teacher bag all packed and ready to go. Make your lunch and have it ready to grab out of the fridge. Pick out your snazzy first day outfit and lay it out the night before. Trust me, your morning will go 100x smoother. 

With that being said, I hope all the students, teachers, and parents have a wonderful year ahead! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or recommendations on what you want to see!