An open letter to San Antonio...

Dear San Antonio,

One year ago exactly, I was in a rut and needed a change in life. I knew the place I was in wasn’t my final destination so I began researching and exploring different options that would fuel my fire and put a spark inside my soul. Let’s just say, after visiting you for the first time in January 2018, I knew it was meant to be.

You’re sassy with a sweet side, just like my personality and you better believe it drew me in. Your plethora of hot spot Mexican restaurants lining the picturesque river walk, the history you show off so naturally, and beautiful big city, yet small town feel are just a few of your award-winning features. Eight months ago, when I decided to pack up my life, move across the country, and give myself a new beginning, I was terrified yet thrilled. I craved your beauty, southern charm, and friendly people. And that’s just what I got.

San Antonio, you have given me new opportunities that I could’ve never imagined. You gave the privilege of being a third grade teacher opening a brand new school. You blessed me with the best group of eight year olds I could’ve ever asked for. You have led me to friendships and opened new doors with blogging that I only thought were possible in my wildest dreams and for that, I am forever grateful. It hasn’t been easy to get where I am now; San Antonio, you really do have a sassy side. You have pushed me out of my comfort zone, made me really look at the person I am and aspire to be, and taught me some life lessons.

I will say, moving my life across the country and completing starting over, I set myself up for some challenges. And let’s be honest, it was really what I needed. Because of you San Antonio, I am better. I am a better teacher, friend, daughter, blogger…I am a better version of myself.

All that’s left to say is… thank you. You have yet to let me down, you pretty little thing! Thank you for being exactly what I’d hoped you’d be. The adventure is just beginning and I know it’s going to be a wild ride. Buckle up, baby! We’re in this together!

All my love,