How I Get Sleek, Straight Hair

Hey beautiesssss! I have gotten so many questions on how I style my long hair and what products I use (thank you!) so it is my pleasure to share with y’all all the dirty deets ;) I am going over everything from products, styling, and maintaining your style. So, let’s get started!

The process…

  • To start off, I only wash my hair once a week; therefore, I only style and put heat on it once a week. This tremendously helps with how healthy it is and even if you do have to touch it up, hair holds style better when it’s dirty. Also, just to clarify, yes, I do have extensions, but naturally have thick and coarse hair so it holds any style really well.

  • When washing my hair, I use a sulfate free shampoo along with a teaspoon of baking soda and really work it into my roots. This breaks up all the product that has built up over the week and gives your scalp a clean, fresh feel.

  • I let my hair air dry just to the point where it’s not dripping wet, then brush it out with a wet brush. I follow that up by blow drying it in 3 sections running a brush through it (as shown above) to help smooth it out.

  • Once it is completely dry, I section it back into 3 sections and spray heat protectant on each section as I go. I take my straightener and brush and run it through each layer. I really focus at the root to get all my curlies smooth. When I get to the end, I gently curl it inward so it’s not pin straight toward the tips. I repeat with each section.

  • When I’m done, I spray the texturizing spray at the roots to give it some grit and volume. I tease a couple sections by my crown and around my face to give it some body.

  • To smooth fly-aways and the ends, I take a tiny bit of the oil (half a pump), rub it between my hands, and gently smooth out the top and work it into my ends. This will also give it some extra shine and sleekness.

  • Since I do not want it to be crunchy, I don’t use any hair spray. If you need to touch up any kinks throughout the week, just run your straightener through those parts.

  • To help with the longevity and keep it looking fresh, apply dry shampoo starting on around the third day and continue as needed.

The Products…